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trioart1The Al Meixner Trio earned a reputation as one of the finest entertainment values in the United States.

These three musicians had the versatility to adapt their repertoire to fit a wide range of audiences. Authentic vocals in eleven languages and mastery of a multitude of instruments and styles were the hallmarks of their successes at multicultural music festivals, concert dates, German Oktoberfests, Slovenian-Croatian dinner dances, polka festivals, private parties and syndicated TV shows. Their performances became popular with audiences of all ages because they transcended ethnic boundaries while retaining cultural roots.

In June, 2003, Al Meixner was selected as the 27th inductee into the Ironworld International Polka Hall of Fame in Chisholm, Minnesota.


  • International Button Box Festival (Chisholm, MN)
  • MDA Oktoberfest, Electric Park Stadium (Tucson, AZ)
  • Good Morning America (ABC)
  • Good Morning San Antonio (ABC)
  • Matters Ballroom (Decorah, IA)
  • Ironworld International Polka Fest (Chisholm, MN)
  • Unter Uns Club (Altoona, PA)
  • Richmond Oktoberfest (Richmond, VA)
  • Irondeqoit Oktoberfest (Rochester, NY)
  • Walt Disney World’s Epcot Center (Orlando, FL)
  • Summer Concert Series (Ellington, CT)
  • Cityfest, Mercedes-Benz Weindorf (Tuscaloosa, AL)
  • Orleans Resort Casino (Las Vegas, NV)
  • Eintracht Maennerchor Oktoberfest (S.N.P.J., PA)
  • Aug-toberfest (Adams, MA)
  • Summerfest (Hamler, OH)
  • All-Slav Festival (Superior, WI)
  • Grand Rocky Mountain Polka Festival (Denver, CO)
  • Sellersville Theater (Sellersville, PA)
  • Colorado Springs German Fest (Colorado Springs, CO)
  • Mayfair Festival Of The Arts (Allentown, PA)
  • Herbstfest (Laurel, MT)
  • Col Ballroom (Davenport, IA)
  • Lawrence Welk Resort (Branson, MO)
  • Heritage Square Theme Park (Golden, CO)
  • Huntington Valley Country Club (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Warsteiner European Village at the 1996 Olympics(Atlanta,GA)
  • WVIA-TV (Pittston, PA)
  • 185th Street Festival (Cleveland, OH)
  • Strassenfest (Jasper, IN)
  • Gottscheer Hall (Ridgewood, NY)
  • KIOTAC Accordion Festival (Kimberly, BC, Canada)
  • Musikfest (Bethlehem, PA)
  • The Alpine Restaurant Oktoberfest (Honesdale, PA)
  • Bavarian Garden in the Heights Oktoberfest (Houston, TX)
  • Bonnie Castle Resort (Alexandria Bay, NY)
  • Stoudt’s Brewery (Adamstown, PA)
  • Wurstfest (New Braunfels, TX)
  • Dutchland Polkateers (Lititz, PA)
  • Alpine Helen Oktoberfest (Helen, GA)
  • Minnesota State Fair (St. Paul, MN)


  • Al was honored to be an engineer and musician on the Grammy Award winning album in the polka field produced by Canada’s Polka King, Walt Ostanek in 1994.
  • Al Meixner Trio recorded tunes were selected for inclusion on compilations to benefit the Milwaukee, WI public schools on two different projects.
  • Al Meixner Trio was the only polka style group that was featured on Oasis Acoustic Sampler, Vol.2 which also featured one of the final recordings of Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead.

Al Meixner played:

Piano Accordion (standard acoustic, electronic & MIDI)
Diatonic Button Box
Mandolin (celtic bouzouki tuned as a D brač tamburitza)
Boom Bas
….. and he sang a few tunes

Alex played:

Piano Accordion (standard acoustic, electronic & MIDI)
Diatonic Button Box
Brass Instruments (trumpet, baritone, slide trumpet, trombone)
Boom Bas
….. and he sang a few tunes

The Al Meixner Trio was rounded out by a dynamic drummer who provided the great danceable beats of the band. This drummer was personally selected by Al from a pool of professional percussionists who were utilized in different geographic locations and different repertoire situations depending on their area of expertise. All of Al’s drummers were well versed in polka, jazz, pop, swing, rock, nostalgic and classical drumming and were very capable at playing all of the specialized ethnic rhythms of the Al Meixner Trio.

Here is a listing (hopefully, complete) of the fine drummers who,
at one time or another, performed with the Al Meixner Trio:
Ty Baden, Stan Bergoich, Dave Burnatowski, Hughie Cannon, Brian Czach,
John Domitrovits, Jr., Craig Ebel, Ray Ferri, Rick Giering, Jim Groller,
Greg Guzevich, Mark Heinsman, Ed Klancnik, George Klepec, Rob Legath,
Mike McIntyre, Fred Miehl, Joe Oberaitis, Don Rothermell, Mark Siebert,
Emil Simitz, Bill Yob, Matt Zebroski
THANK YOU to each and every one of them !!!

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